• Period : Annually, Friday to Sunday of the 4th week of May
  • Main events : Uiambyeolje, reenacting the sacrifice of Nongae, Performance by Intangible Cultural Property, Gyobang Parade, Traditional games, etc.
  • Started : 2002

Festival sublimating the loyalty of Nongae

Jinju Nongae Festival is Korea's representative spring festival that commemorates the patriotic spirit of Nongae as well as the 70,000 persons who died during the Japanese invasion. This festival presents various art performances including an opening ceremony, Sinwisunhaeng, and Uiambyeolje (ritual service). It presents opportunities to experience the elegant Gyobang culture and traditional and modern cultural arts. Nongae's jumping into the river with a Japanese general is re‐enacted on Uiam (rock) under Chokseokru (pavilion), capturing the rapt attention of tourists.

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